Stream: Drake, “The Ride”


Take Care closer “The Ride” was somehow not included on the album’s leak last week. The Weeknd appears but doesn’t sing a verse. Instead, his high reaching ahhs and oohs hug and tease the track’s slow-looping soul sample. In the foreground, Drake gives a last call toast for almost six minutes. He hooks up with a younger girl and prays the sex will be good. About his power to please himself, he’s more certain: They say more money more problems, my nigga don’t believe it/ I mean sure there’s some bills and taxes I’m still evading/ But I blew six million on myself and I feel amazing.

Stream: Drake, “The Ride”

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  1. Jonah Gold says:

    I was hoping for a less vain closer. I wanted to see Drake mature rather than simply evolve. He surely can rap though.