The Things I Carry: Samantha Urbani of Friends


Samantha Urbani of Brooklyn band Friends stopped by our office yesterday, clutching a big, subway-ready tote bag under her arm. We asked her to empty the contents, and it seemed like she had every essential item for a New Yorker who jumps on the train in the morning and doesn’t know the next time she’ll be at her apartment. Emergen-C? Free-drink tickets? Two pairs of sunglasses? A girl has needs! She’s also got some less fundamental, albeit wonderful items, like a Smashing Pumpkins sticker, crayons and a disposable camera. If you’re in New York, check out Friends open for Ganglians tomorrow at Mercury Lounge.

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  1. Alice says:

    I have a crush on this girl. I think it’s the emergen-c that did me in? all those sexy viamins

  2. ohhi says:

    Shes sexy. I want to live between her butt cheeks

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