Adele Finds American Beer Unacceptable


The ever-cheeky Adele has a pretty admirable list of backstage demands, according to a leaked rider from her canceled North American tour. Adele and her crew asked for fun-size Mars brand candy bars, sandwiches sans “tomatoes, vinegar, chili or citrus fruit,” assorted chewing gums and organic muesli. Her drink game is pretty tight, too. We’re Budweiser fans at The FADER, but we respect Adele’s requests for the “best quality European lager” and “very best quality red wine.” (“North American beer,” she noted, “is NOT ACCEPTABLE.”) She also asked for a pack of Marlboro Lights and a disposable lighter, but those items could be off the list if she takes Boy George’s public advice that she kick the habit.

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  1. Dustin O. says:

    Adele ought to break out of the macrobrew world and try some real domestics. I’m a fan of PBR and High Life and so on but something from Stone or Allagash is bound to blow this gals fine wine and lagers out of the stratosphere.

  2. MaybachMusic says:

    I find her lack of vocal range and played out subject material unacceptable.

  3. johnny says:

    she should try requesting a salad

  4. Ross says:

    I agree. American beer sucks. Rather be high than drunk though