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Video: 2 Chainz f. T.I., "Spend It (Remix)"

Atlanta trap star 2 Chainz and televised family man T.I. make good use of their Christmas sweaters in the video for the remix of T.R.U. REALigion’s takeaway hit, "Spend It." While 2 Chainz croons Similaaaaaac, wingman Tip does a magician's unveiling, sweeping his hands from his chest outward with palms out. While he delivers his imitable Then we gonna have to name the lil baby Mercedes punchline, the camera cuts and winds back 2 Chainz' broad shoulder rolls, creating a grandstanding cyclone of hands and arms. That move is at 1:34, and totally GIF-worthy.

Video: 2 Chainz f. T.I., "Spend It (Remix)"