Cardo, “Cardo’s Groove” MP3

January 11, 2012

Cardo’s first big look was his production work on 2010's Kush & OJ for Wiz Khalifa. But 2011 was his true breakout year, during which the detail-oriented craftsmen worked with a diverse array of artists and honed a truly versatile approach. Cardo doesn't just churn out beats, though. He's a strong all-around songwriter, and although you may recognize certain signature sonic details from track-to-track, it seems that his nuanced style is primarily concerned with serving the artists he produces first and foremost. While more ego-driven producers can end up boxed in by a signature sound, Cardo's mercenary strategy has resulted in an unexpectedly diverse catalog.

It's no surprise that a producer so concerned with nuance is also a fan of DJ Quik. So it makes sense that when Cardo steps out for an instrumental moment, it's in the vein of the "Quik's Groove" series. "Cardo's Groove" is a shimmering summertime soundtrack that gathers steam as details are slowly stirred into the mix.

Download:Cardo, "Cardo's Groove"

Posted: January 11, 2012
Cardo, “Cardo’s Groove” MP3