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Chief Boima f. Sorie Kondi, "Without Money, No Family" MP3

Last year, Dutty Artz-affiliate Chief Boima released an EP called African By the Bay, a collection of rap tracks refashioned through an Afro dance lens. Since, he's relocated from San Francisco to New York and created a second, similarly-titled (but more varied in content) full-length, African in New York. On "Without Money, No Family," Boima gives Sierra Leone-born, blind musician Sorie Kondi's original an electronic spin, mimicking Kondi's thumb piano-playing with warm digital keys. Slung around a steady drum machine chop, the track's a more low-key affair than much of Bay, but equally brimming with Boima's archivist's knowledge of global tunes. African in New York is out February 21st on Dutty Artz.

Download: Chief Boima f. Sorie Kondi, "Without Money No Family"

Chief Boima f. Sorie Kondi, "Without Money, No Family" MP3