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E-40 f. YG, IamSu and Problem, "Function" MP3

Speak with enough young, aspiring musicians, and you'll hear a lot of talk about "making it" and getting rich. Some treat careers in music as means to an end, an obstacle course with a defined beginning and apex, as if success ensures no longer having to worry about the music business. For artists like E-40, though, maturity brings a refreshing perspective. The rapper, who recently quipped that he used to practice looking hard, but now practices "being solid," seems to recognize that behind every finish line is yet another race. For great artists, the game never really ends. "Function," the lead single from 40's upcoming Block Brochure, pairs the rapper with some younger Cali artists over an E-40 comfort-food banger from producer Trend.

Download: E-40 f. YG, IamSu and Problem, "Function"

E-40 f. YG, IamSu and Problem, "Function" MP3