The Things I Carry: 2 Chainz


We always like to know what some of our favorite artists carry in their purses (and man-purses)—the essential items that they need for touring, subway rides, an awards show or any other thing that they might be doing these days. So much so that we’ve made it a regular column on the site.

Yesterday, 2 Chainz came to visit the office and have a nosh. We interrupted his breakfast of bacon and eggs to ask him to empty his pockets, and like a TSA screening at the airport, he threw down his three cell phones, piles of cash, a YSL bracelet, belt, sunglasses and his two beautiful gold chains.

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  1. BMICHAEL says:

    These “Things I Carry” are the best pieces on the site. I love seeing them.

  2. blackwatch says:

    ..had a coke, had a smile

  3. Patrick D says:

    What if he didn’t even drink lean but just carried the cup around with fruit juice? And all his swishers were filled with … fake buds? I don’t know, just think about it guys! Why is he allowed to carry a Styrofoam cup everywhere?

  4. camilto says:

    caluirhdja sgda

  5. camilto says:

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  7. Jimmy Suede says:

    Nothing but perhaps Prada says homosexual male prostitute quite like Yves St Laurent. 2 Chains must be advertising. Also the dichotomy between Jesus and Assault Rifle chains screams, ‘I’m on the fence between ghetto and church”. Wow he’s hard.