Stream: D’Angelo, “Left & Right (James Blake Harmonimix Remix)”


James Blake really loves to just sit at a piano and sing, and has long admired D’Angelo for doing that so beautifully. Last Friday night, under his Harmonimix moniker, Blake played a remix of the recently-resurfaced singer’s 2000 track, “Left & Right” during a guest “One On One Off” set with DJ Rob Da Bank. Blake’s brought D’Angelo to the BBC before, mixing a mostly unaltered version of another Voodoo album cut, “One Mo Gin” into “Sicko Cell” on his Radio 1 Essential Mix. Stream Blake’s “Left & Right” edit below and listen to his entire two-hour guest set from last week, streaming for five more days, here.

Stream: D’Angelo, “Left & Right (James Blake Harmonix Remix)” (via 405)

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  1. Matt says:

    ummm…if you’re going to pretend like u know what you’re talking about, at least spell Harmonimix correctly

    its Harmonimix
    not Harmonix

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  3. w.chimes says:

    this is truly awful.

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  5. BJ says:

    Yeah, this is pretty pointless and sounds awful.