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DJ Sliink, "Put Cha Back In It" MP3


DJ Sliink is from Newark and part of the whole New Jersey Brick Bandits crew, who, because of songs like this, have always made us feel like the Garden State is singularly at the heart and root of club culture, that the most densely populated state in the Union understands that clubs are just giant concrete spaces meant purely for dancing and spilling the first sips of your drink on other people while crushing through mobs. Sliink is man-of-the-people, sweat-it-out shit—the first track off his forthcoming Vibrate EP on Los Angeles' Body High uses the sound of cell-phone vibrations to literally shake you by your ears until you get that dizzy, nose-crinkling feeling that comes from doing poppers. On "Put Cha Back In It", he's even dirtier than that, repeating an anguished vocal sample until you're bending over backwards, palms down on the floor, wiggling. Vibrate is out tomorrow.

Download: Dj Sliink, "Put Cha Back In It"

DJ Sliink, "Put Cha Back In It" MP3