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Video: E-40 f. Too Short and J-Banks, "Just Be You"

Words like Like who you wanna like/ Love who you wanna love/ Kiss who you wanna kiss/ Hug who you wanna hug might sound corny coming from the mouth of most rappers. But not E-40. If there's one thing that 40 water's recent output has shown us (besides that you can make some of the best, most vital music of your career some twenty years in), it's that he is a genuinely wise dude. His character-driven story raps like "My Little Grimey Nigga" and "The Art of Story Tellin'" present humanity at its worst, but are nuanced and measured, taking care to explain why people act the way they act. So when he and fellow Bay statesman Too Short decide to release a music video for The Block Brochure’s "Just Be You," you watch, and listen to what they have to say, because it's genuinely worth listening to.

Video: E-40 f. Too Short and J-Banks, "Just Be You"