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Daily Inspiration: The Notorious BIG, "Sky's the Limit"

Judnick Mayard’s byline doesn't appear every day on this site, but in the past four years that she's been an anchor for the FADER team. Whether manning the FADER FORT twice a year, planning an issue release party or a Brooklyn Bound taping, Nikki's been a paramount figures behind the scenes, ensuring your beer is on-time and cold, that the sound guy is happy and that the line to get in runs smoothly. Online, her Suite903 posts encompassed her deft knowledge of R&B while still channeling her sense of humor. It's Nikki's sense of will that has made her a huge stick holding up the tent, but she doesn't keep that fortitude to herself. She's a vocal cheerleader and an honest critic, dishing out a traffic-stopping side-eye. Today, we bid her farewell as she releases herself into the freelance wilds as the mountain lioness we all know her to be. There's no doubt we'll miss her Brooklyn-bred warmth, exuberance and inexhaustible hustle in the office, so we send her off with a classic from her hometown, The Notorious BIG's "Sky's the Limit."

Daily Inspiration: The Notorious BIG, "Sky's the Limit"