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Download Lil B's Trapped in Basedworld Mixtape

Lil B, continuing this month's ungoldy tear of overworking, has released his third mixtape of April 2012, Trapped in Basedworld. Thankfully, as if to show he's at least capable of feeling fatigue, Basedworld is the first mixtape he has put out this year with fewer than 20 songs, its comparatively diminished tracklist a probable side effect of his maniacal schedule, which this month alone included The Basedprint 2, #1 Bitch, the big NYU lecture, a number of intimate performances and prepping for his upcoming European mini-tour. Trapped in Basedworld is one of the darkest mixtapes Lil B has ever released, with a recurring prison theme and blocs of hyper-dense production harking back to "I'm Heem." Early standout "Connected in Jail" features a chilling Drowning Pool sample, while "MMMMMMMM Damn" shows none of the seemingly content, scrumptious-loving Lil B we've heard lately or seen grinning to his fans. It's like maybe the real Brandon hasn't seen enough air in the last couple weeks, balling up stress in his gut and cooking it under the endless stage lights. Protect Lil B. It sounds dire in there.

Download: Lil B's Trapped in Basedworld Mixtape

Download Lil B's Trapped in Basedworld Mixtape