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Download Lil B's #1 Bitch Mixtape

Released only three weeks after God's Father, Lil B’s #1 Bitch mixtape is another hour-and-forty-one minutes of new music, bringing his 2012 release total to just under five hours, the equivalent of a three-minute-fifteen-second song per day. The tape opens with a knockout sample of "The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)." On "A Based Prayer," B goes over a piano version of "Can You Stand the Rain." On "Whodie Whodie," he says "whodie" 58 times. There are two songs with "bra" in the title, the first of which features the delightful expansion of his new, scrumptious "oooh! mmm!" ad lib style, as found on "Ima Eat Her A$$" (one of five based freestyle included here). It's 2012, and Lil B is a fiend.

Download: Lil B's #1 Bitch Mixtape

Download Lil B's #1 Bitch Mixtape