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Chief Keef and Fat Trel, "Russian Roulette" MP3

Before Kanye West's remix propelled Chief Keef to another echelon of notoriety, the rapper had linked up, in one of hip-hop's most congruent collaborations, with DC's own dreadlocked-and-tattooed Fat Trel. The Lex Luger-produced "Russian Roulette" is monstrous, and a sort-of sequel to Trel's 2011 track "Respect with this Tech." (When I spoke with Keef earlier in the year, not only did he mention being a fan of Fat Trel's, but rapped the entirety of the latter song's hook.) There's an obvious, raw energy in Keef's performance; you can hear his enthusiasm when he drops the requisite ad-libs towards the end of his verse. Trel, a few years Keef's senior, has the more controlled style, his power channeled with practiced precision.

Download: Chief Keef and Fat Trel, "Russian Roulette"

Chief Keef and Fat Trel, "Russian Roulette" MP3