Cop A Look: Freddie Mercury

July 05, 2012

The word "androgynous" has become so overused in fashion that it has almost lost its power, but there’s nothing cliché about the way Freddie Mercury added camp value to a traditionally masculine wardrobe. As the vibrant frontman for glam rock band Queen, Mercury pushed and pulled images of masculinity, like leather jackets, and took them to bold extremes. His cat vests, Hawaiian prints and overly tight pants were outrageous, but also far ahead of their time, and Mercury's love for leather winked and nodded to the gay culture for whom he was a prominent and beloved figure. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re into, you can’t go wrong emulating an icon, so here's how to cop his look.

Clockwise from left: Cat Vest via Etsy, Topman Light Wash Vintage Carrot Jeans, Royal Shave Stern Mustache Brush

Clockwise left: March McNairy S/S Camp Shirt, Flash Gordon Vintage Tee, Rescue a Kitten

Clockwise from left: J.Crew Slub Jersey Pocket Tee, Leather Biker Cap, Schott Multi Pocket Perfecto Leather Motorcycle Jacket 125.

Cop A Look: Freddie Mercury