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Freddie Mercury 1

Cop A Look: Freddie Mercury

The word “androgynous” has become so overused in fashion that it has almost lost its power, but there’s nothing cliché about the way Freddie Mercury added camp value to a traditionally masculine wardrobe. As the … read more »

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Combat Rock: The US Army’s Greatest Bands

Following in the footsteps of this New York Times report on the US military’s weirdly technical strategic deployment of hundreds of rock bands— which the Army officially calls “multiple objective music performance teams with targeted … read more »

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Video: Shaun Boothe, "Poor Boy"

Some of us here at Suite903 are of the mind that the entirety of the Queen catalogue is untouchable, which includes sampling, performing song covers and even references during intros and outros. Shaun Boothe, however, … read more »

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A Tripwire Thanksgiving Video Premiere: The Muppets' "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Of EPIC proportions read more »

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Tripwire Video Premiere: Queen – "I Want To Break Free"

God Knows! read more »

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American Idol's Adam Lambert To Front Queen?

It turns out coming in second place for American Idol may not be such a bad thing. For this season’s talent competition, finalists Adam Lambert and Kris Allen teamed up with British luminaries Queen for “We Are The Champions”. Although Allen ended up sweeping the vote to be crowned the next Idol, it turns out guitarist Brian May is open to the idea of more collaboration with Lambert. read more »

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Eleven Sunny Memorial Day Weekend Songs

In honor of the Memorial Day weekend, we took a very small poll asking a few friends to give us their ideal summer song. You know, the kind you would want to hear if you were outside driving around right now without a care in the world. Then we narrowed it down to eleven (an arbitrary number, who knows, it still may expand). So, here are eleven summer classics from Sister Nancy, Pavement, The Pharcyde, Donovan, Dizzee Rascal, Animal Collective, Screeching Weasel, People Under the Stairs, Dan Deacon, Queen and the one, the only, The Notorious B.I.G.. read more »

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Notes From Middle America – Black Gasoline

I have to ask. What happened to rock? Has it become passé or uncool for a band to struggle, tour, play shows night after night to build a fan base without the help of excessive internet buzz or douche bags in the “hip” magazines who supposedly have their fingers on the pulse of the American youth culture? If a band has to work hard to get what they have, is that far less important than the mandatory polo shirts they wear on stage? read more »

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The Feel Good Music Of Dent May

For those of you looking for a little feel good music to cheer you up, Dent May has revitalized the classic American crooner for the 21st century and given it a geeky hipster edge that makes this an extremely delightful listen. read more »

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Another One Bites The You-Know-What: Alpha Media Closes Blender

Maybe it’s cliché, but it’s hard not to get a certain Queen song stuck in your head when headlines like today’s — Alpha Media closes popular music magazine Blender — just won’t stop coming. The magazine’s April issue, on stands now, will be its last. read more »