Riff Raff’s Surprise Album The Golden Alien Is Out Now


Earlier today, with scant more than this link to the iTunes Store, Riff Raff tweeted to announce a surprise new album, The Golden Alien. In iTunes, where it’s selling for 10 bucks, the release’s copyright is attributed to “RiFF RaFF” rather than his new label Mad Decent, so this isn’t the Diplo-produced album he has promised (though Diplo collaborated with DJA on the beat for “Rice Out,” one of the LP’s 12 tracks), nor is it the Harry Fraud-produced mixtape once planned for release on July 4th. Unlike his recent Summer of Surf mixtape, fortunately, these are nearly all unreleased songs. “Riff Raff Freestyle” is just about the most comically Texan he’s ever sounded, and the country-tinged “Break Away” is the closest he’s come to re-capturing the sing-song greatness of “Time.”

Download: Riff Raff’s The Golden Alien

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  1. Hey I just stumbled upon this up and coming producer who I really like deserves a little Fader love. I’m not affiliated with the artist in anyway, but I definitely think his sound fits with the Fader aesthetic quite well. Instead of talking a bunch about why I think you’ll dig it I rather just give you the link that I stumbled upon to his free mixtape – http://www.mediafire.com/?v91ps8eevbnrntn

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