Download Lil B’s Obama Basedgod Mixtape

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Apparently self-inspired by the line Call me Obama Basedgod in February’s “I Own Swag,” America’s most tireless rapper has dedicated an entire mixtape to the electoral cycle. Demonstrating a mysterious productiveness befitting the presidential office, Obama Basedgod is Lil B’s third mixtape this month, not even counting the 848-track compilation of based freestyles. Like most campaigns, the tape blurs major issues, with loosely pro-peace tracks like “Put Down the Flags” balanced by the loosely pro-conflict “United States of Thuggin.” Most exciting, Obama Basedgod features a few throwback beats suited for the actual Obama’s iPod with “Based Party” over Jay-Z’s “Roc Boys,” and the tape-closing one-for-the-record-books “I Dont Want Shit Remix” over Notorious BIG’s “Juicy.”

Download: Lil B’s Obama Basedgod Mixtape

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  1. Cover art by me (Paul Darwin Picklesimer) ayyye!

  2. Erin says:

    I did not enjoy this. The cover art is good though.