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Nina Sky, the singing twins best known for their 2004 single “Move Ya Body,” have released their first full length LP since their self-titled debut dropped 8 years ago. The girls’ sultry vocals, always-on-point harmonies and stellar production from Salaam Remi, Brenmar and Beau Vallis prove Nicole & Natalie worth the wait. Brooklyn producer Slimmy Neutron contributes several high energy house cuts (watch the video for “Heartbeat” here), rounding out an album that suits the boudoir as well as the dancefloor. Download Nicole & Natalie in its entirety below.

Download: Nina Sky, Nicole & Natalie

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  1. john hammerschmidt says:

    this cover looks fuckin retarded…one of them bitches is cock-eyed

  2. Mia says:

    These girls have been singin since they were old enough to walk & talk ! We grew up together, and been like family throughout the years. Havent seen them since 2001 when I left the States and moved overseas, but I knew they were gonna be makin a comeback and comin back FULL FORCEyou cant keep a good thing down for too long Hollaaaaa !!! :)
    Their new album is so so FRESH !, and Im sure the world hasnt heard the end of Natalie & Nicole just yet ! This is just the beginning <3

  3. Alice says:

    huh… I expected this to be a lot better. I’m not sure why now. I think I’m only hip to “Everytime” b/c bizarre love triangle is like in the top 10 ultimate songs of my life but idk it’s just… boring, dull, jejune etc etc. I still like them though.

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