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Stream: “Stoners,” Nina Sky f. Smoke DZA

Just in time for 4/20, Nina Sky and Smoke DZA have added to the weed-rap canon with their aptly titled “Stoners.” The song’s premise is self-explanatory, with the R&B sister duo making the metaphor of … read more »

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Stream: Nina Sky, “Overtime”

In 2006 when they were on the cover of FADER #39, the Albino sisters told us that the “Ni-” in Nina Sky is for Nichole, the “-Na” is for Natalie and “Sky for their limitless … read more »

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13 Throwback Photos of Artists in Their Childhood Halloween Costumes

In anticipation of Halloween tomorrow, we’ve already dug up the best horror movie clips and carved Miley pumpkins. Today, we’re celebrating with a crew of FADER favorites, who shared throwback photos of their favorite in-costume … read more »

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Brooklyn Bound: An Exclusive Download from Nina Sky’s Rubber Tracks Performance

During Nina Sky‘s Converse Rubber Tracks performance, Nicole volunteered, as she is known to do, that her sister Natalie is her very favorite singer in the world. One would assume that since they are identical … read more »

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Brooklyn Bound: Nina Sky Live at Converse Rubber Tracks

When we spoke with Nina Sky at Brooklyn’s famed Saved Tattoo, they revealed that they were in the middle of a short show run, first bouncing around New England and then back to NY for … read more »

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Brooklyn Bound: Interview with Nina Sky at Saved Tattoo

The beautiful twin sisters Nicole and Natalie of Nina Sky seem barely grazed by the tattoo needle in comparison with Tumblr’s unending stream of self-proclaimed tattoo models, but the girls have plenty of ink. It’s … read more »

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Download Nina Sky’s Album Nicole & Natalie

Nina Sky, the singing twins best known for their 2004 single “Move Ya Body,” have released their first full length LP since their self-titled debut dropped 8 years ago. The girls’ sultry vocals, always-on-point harmonies … read more »

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Video: Nina Sky, “Day Dreaming”

The video for Nina Sky’s “Day Dreaming” opens with Natalie Albino doing some typical cute couple activities with a scruffy love interest, like coasting on the handlebars of his bike and snuggling between the sheets. … read more »

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Nina Sky, “Day Dreaming” MP3

Twin sisters Nicole and Natalie Albino bka Nina Sky, know how to wear a bevy of different hats, whether they’re teaming up with Kid Sister for a Spanglish rendition of Debbie Deb’s “Look Out Weekend” … read more »

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Poly at Mic

MadeMe and Stussy Present Poly Styrofoam

To mark the debut of the MadeMe for Stussy collaboration, designer Erin Magee unleashed Poly Styrofoam, the pint-sized puppet pop star on strings, on the fashion world. Poly might be the flyest puppet in history, … read more »

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