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Video: Slime, "Crown"

Today Rihanna’s finely directed but emotionally vacant "We Found Love" was nominated for an MTV VMA under the category "video with a message," which, whatever. It's nice but it doesn't smooch you in the gut the way Slime’s "Crown" does. In Slime's video, directed by the great Cieron Magat, the setup is the same as Rihanna's; it follows a couple in London who are, again, prettier than me, but here they live responsibly and like each other in low-key ways I can too. Holding hands a lot and sweating in the sun and looking at buildings. Since "Crown" is instrumental, the video's tiny subtitles provides the only text commentary: "I like your curls, and them kicks you wear when it's hot out. We probs like all the same stuff." Let's make families to that. Download Slime's Increases II EP on iTunes, and read Slime's Dollars to Pounds interview here.

Video: Slime, "Crown"