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How To Dress Well, "& It Was U" MP3

On How To Dress Well’s "& It Was U," brains/frontman Tom Krell's jubilant vocals are front and center. A lover's promise—My love will be there for you—rings out over sparse percussion and snaps. The clear vocals, and the big bass drum underneath them, make a refreshing departure from the spectral cries often burrowed beneath layers of rumble and fog on his 2010 debut, Love Remains. The track is his most straightforward embrace thusfar of the R&B traditions he admires. How To Dress Well's sophomore LP, Total Loss, drops September 18th via Acéphale/Weird World. You can preorder it here.

Download: How To Dress Well, "& It Was U" (via NPR)

How To Dress Well, "& It Was U" MP3