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Stream: Rhye, "The Fall"


Some of you may remember the Los Angeles soul duo Rhye from the NSFW video they released for "Open" a few months back, the airbrushed softness of the (unexpectedly male) vocals discovering its visual equivalent in images of couples of varying and overlapping composition making softcore-ready, passionate love. That one had Sade written all over it, and their new missive, "The Fall," has the same measured breathiness, even if this time it's floating mildly over an infectious foundation of jazzy ivories, funk bass and crisp drums. This one's the title track of an EP they have coming out on Innovative Leisure/Seven Four on October 9th, and it's gorgeous enough to be untarnished by the fact that it would make perfect sense over a late-night cocktail in a hotel bar.

Stream: Rhye, "The Fall"

Posted: September 28, 2012
Stream: Rhye, "The Fall"