Video: Friends, “VA FAN GOR DU”

This Samantha Urbani-directed video for “VA FAN GOR DU” taps the ’80s public access vibe cemented by bygone post-punk-centric shows like “No Wave Theatre” and “TV Party,” but it’s got enough gross-out humor to feel like an outtake from ’70 cult film Sweet Movie, which featured, among other oddities, a ship piled high with confectioner’s sugar and candy. This time around, it’s a club room floor full Samantha Urbanis dressed up as burly butchers and chopping up what looks like meat, but seems to be spurting chocolate syrup. Genuinely ambiguous drag cameos by the band’s male members make all the grainy, collagistic chaos a bit easier on the eyes, while the lurching bass and spine-tingling yelps make 2013 Bushwick feel a whole lot like, well, downtown Manhattan in the days when it was dangerous. Friends’ debut LP, Manifest!, is available via Fat Possum/Lucky Number.

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