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Download Shy Glizzy's Fxck Rap Mixtape

Released today in celebration of his birthday, Fxck Rap is an an appealingly eager tape from Shy Glizzy, the DC rapper who's still relatively unknown beyond that region's teenagers. Glizzy's friend Trinidad James appears on "Pilot," a shimmering ode to dressing silly that's got a hypnotic, easy-to-parrot refrain. But Glizzy shines with his own blustery, unpredictable charm all over the thing: getting himself out of breath about getting kicked out of school on "Tru Story," sloshing though "I Wish" in a fried singsong (I wish rappers told the truth/ and poor people were rich, repeatedly exclaiming I'm a rapper! on "Better." To double down on Glizzy iPod options before boarding your plane home for the holidays, download this year's sunnier Law tape, too.

Download: Shy Glizzy, Fxck Rap

Download Shy Glizzy's Fxck Rap Mixtape