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Video: Lil B, "I Love You"

One of Lil B's very sweetest tracks from his best release of 2012—and one of his jumpiest cadences (And I want you to have a good night and I want you to have a good day/ Everybody know I seen weird things but it's gonna be okay)—now has a belated music video of its own. It's not everyday we take the time to showcase an individual Lil B video anymore—there's just so many—but this one deserves calling out. It features Lil B in a pet store, a bug and lizard-filled place where he's presumably happiest, and a monologue with real tears: "Damn, the world is so big and I want to spread so much love… I'm crying for everybody, man, it's 100 percent love."

Video: Lil B, "I Love You"