Video: MØ, “Glass”

January 14, 2013

Update 2/13/13: Now MØ has given the track a deservedly enjoyable video, courtesy of director Casper Balslev and filmed in a picturesque Danish town. The singer had this to say:

The video is inspired by the lyrics to "Glass", which tries to visualize the restlessness of a young person's mind. It's a boredom, an insatiability and anxiety. Fear of getting old, fear of missing things and fear to love. The video is shot in small Danish town called Hirtshals, which represents the provincial society well. I myself grew up in a small town, and know the feeling of restlessness and wanderlust. It reflects on a young girl's burning desire to do something, but she has no idea what, how or where to begin. In the end it is always easier just to do nothing and wait for the dawning of a new day.

- - -

Danish singer Karen Marie Ørsted, who goes by her second two initials , released her new single back home today. Like "Pilgrim," which came before it (and will be released stateside via Neon Gold, and in the UK by Chess Club), the track builds to some big Scandi-screams, though the hip-hoppier production focus on the new one isn't quuuiiiite as mood-altering as "Pilgrim"’s glorious, stroll-in-the-park horns. Check out both below, plus Ørsted's handwritten lyrics.

Stream: MØ, "Glass"

Stream: MØ, "Pilgrim"

Video: MØ, “Glass”