SONOS and FADER Present: Wondaland West with Janelle Monáe

At home in Atlanta, Janelle Monáe has the Wondaland Arts Society, a collective of friends and musicians producing a variety of excellent jams. Last week, Monáe, along with Roman Gianarthur and Deep Cotton, replicated the vibe of their cozy home studio with Wondaland West, an installation of their space at Sonos Studio in LA. We caught up with them at home in Atlanta, chatting with Monáe, Gianarthur and Deep Cotton about what makes their bond strong and how they all inspire each other. Watch that video above, and check back for live performances from Wondaland West on Thursday and Friday.

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  2. China Mike says:

    I like this concept! BUT…do all of you REALLY dress up in the monkey suits and ties EVERY TIME??? I have yet to see you or those other cats in what I think most people would call casual clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I like the threads, but…every day?????? ?????? ??????
    I suppose it’s a statement of sorts, and I know I don’t completely understand everything about your group of people and associated. I mean, it is hard to be original in these last several decades of free-for-all. But black and white is STILL black and white, absolutely no imagination or originality goes into picking out a black outfit. Color; that is where inspiration comes from. Put on a bright GREEN tie once and a while.

  3. China Sam says:

    Dearest @china mike,

    your recommendation of wearing bright green ties has been noted. We put it up for a vote and it got voted down unanimously. The people that voted decided that either you don’t know what casual clothes are for, or your definition of casual clothes wasn’t for them — not only that, they also took offense to you trying to tell them what to wear. They thought that it was “ridiculous” to take advice from an Internet stranger that as far as we all know isn’t wearing any clothes at all — other than a bright green tie.

    I tried though.

  4. Game of Thrones says:

    Lol @ChinaMike. Why do you care about their clothes so much? If you pushed passed your shallow attention span you might just hear the music and that’s all the originality your ears can handle ;)

    Love what they’re doing at Wondalad. It’s inspiring to say the least. I was at Wondaland West in LA and I’d never seen anything like it. They turned LA out! Congrats guys, looking forward to more new music. Especially from Roman GianArthur.

  5. Shelly says:

    LOVE what the Wondaland Arts Society is about. They’re like a secret society. Can’t wait to hear the new music.
    Congrats on your Covergirl commercial Janelle!

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