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Stream: Shy Glizzy, "I Am DC"


Discussing the critical reception of Wale's last album last week, The Boombox editor Timmhotep Aku argued that "there’s no DC sound or a definitive production style," and that that's been a disadvantage for Wale in a time when "regional rap is en vogue for critics." It's hard to say whether scrappy, energetic DC rapper Shy Glizzy, featured in our magazine this spring, would agree or disagree with Aku, but with or without a scene to boost him, he's forging his path. A husky sing song anthem with brittle drums, "I Am DC" is taken from Glizzy's upcoming Law 2 mixtape, a follow-up to last summer's excellent Law that will drop August 1st and feature Yo Gotti and producer Metro Boomin. Ahead of the tape's release, Glizzy will host Glizzy Day, an annual neighborhood-boosting block party in the style of Trae Day that advertises food, games and surprise music guests, on July 20th. See that event's flyer below the stream.

Stream: Shy Glizzy, "I Am DC"

Posted: July 16, 2013
Stream: Shy Glizzy, "I Am DC"