Video: BC Kingdom, “Lock Up”

Los Angeles R&B duo BC Kingdom (Logan Eze and Zou Deon) have shared a haunting video for “Lock Up,” a track taken from Solange’s recent Saint Heron compilation. In the video, an intimidating-as-shit inmate sings in a surprisingly frail wisp about lost love. That contrast is disorienting—when the inmate’s gold fronts glint as he whispers I’ll kill you, I’ll do it in Versace, it’s meant to make you feel uncomfortably turned-on. The ’90s worship is clear too, whether in the duo’s Maxwell-meets-TLC vocal style or the Hype Williams look of the video—certain shots, particularly of the impossibly slick black vinyl, could be stills from Belly.

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  1. killa kes says:

    amazing! soooo belly hype Williams…slow moe club bounce classic! #thisIShowYOUdoIT nanana NA