Tink, "Lullaby" MP3

photographer Peter Hoffman

In 2013, Tink showcased tough-talking side on the drill-oriented Boss Up tape. She's a more-than-competent rapper, but I've always preferred when she explores vulnerability on R&B-focused projects—namely her debut (and I'd argue, best) tape, 2012's Winter's Diary. That tape's long-awaited sequel is finally imminent; today, Tink shares a first taste of what's to come, "Lullaby." A twinkling slow-burning love song, it's free of the cautiousness you could hear in some Winter's Diary songs—Tink softly trills, like an Auto-Tuned bluebird in a Disney princess movie.

Download: Tink, "Lullaby"

Tink, "Lullaby" MP3