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Stream: Charlotte OC, “Hangover (Moodymann Remix)”

January 07, 2014


Charlotte OC is the rare aspiring pop star who cites a visit to techno mecca Berghain as a formative artistic experience: "What I was hearing was heaven, what I was seeing was a version of hell," she says of a time when she stumbled into the notoriously decadent Berlin night club. "It was the most amazing clash of the senses." The UK singer reportedly only stayed there for a few hours, but her taste for dance music runs surprisingly deep—or at least deep enough to account for the decision to get her 2013 single "Hangover" remixed by legendary Detroit techno and house producer Moodymann. Turns out, the song's got enough earwormy hooks to lend itself to Moodymann's classic soul-inspired, collagist style, but what's perhaps most striking is the heavy, crunching bass stomp he's added into the mix, as though literally trying to simulate what your head feels like the morning after you drink too much. Charlotte OC's Color My Heart EP is out via Stranger Records, home of Lana Del Rey.

Stream: Charlotte OC, "Hangover (Moodymann Remix)"

Stream: Charlotte OC, “Hangover (Moodymann Remix)”