BOY/FRIEND, “Never Not Looking” MP3

This cuffing season anthem will make you dance and weep (and bone).


Here at the thick of cuffing season, unsigned New York gem BOY/FRIEND is back with another pheromone-releasing single. Like "Adam" before it, "Never Not Looking" has Jersey Club feet and a hot heart, singer and smooth field-player Shan Poo dreaming about finding a lover worth kneeling down for. Nice that while he's looking for a real one, he never utters the suffocating phrase "good girl." Don't miss BOY/FRIEND's excellent free LP from last year, Leather Weather, and see him February 12th in Brooklyn at Glasslands.

Download: BOY/FRIEND, "Never Not Looking"

Watch BOY/FRIEND play "Adam" at the 2013 FADER FORT in NYC:

BOY/FRIEND, “Never Not Looking” MP3