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Stream: Curtis Harding, "Keep on Shining"


I probably would stick the wrong timestamp on "Keep on Shining" if I heard it in a bar. The cracking emotion of the voice, the flashy hits of horn and even that cooly sliding, three-note guitar motif points pretty forcefully to classic sixties and seventies soul, but the song's creator, Curtis Harding, is very much an artist of the present. He grew up singing gospel music in Michigan, found his sound in Atlanta (where he also sang backup for Ceelo Green) and then signed to California's Burger Records, whose predilection for vintage garage rock probably speaks to a wider love for music that sounds like it was studio-engineered half a century ago. Anyway, "Keep on Shining" punches hard enough to feel pretty exciting in the present tense, and it's the first single from Soul Power, Harding's Burger debut, which is out on April 22nd. Tracklist below.

Stream: Curtis Harding, "Keep on Shining"

1. Next Time
2. Castaway
3. Keep On Shining
4. Freedom
5. Surf
6. I Don't Wanna Go Home
7. Beautiful People
8. The Drive
9. Heaven's On The Other Side
10. Drive My Car
11. I Need A Friend
12. Cruel World

Stream: Curtis Harding, "Keep on Shining"