Video: Painting With Pastelheart

Through the Obey You Collective: South Africa series, FADER and Sprite are teaming up to spotlight South Africa’s exciting street culture by showcasing the scene’s most promising artists and entrepreneurs. Last week, you met pastelheart, an accomplished Durban-bred street artist with an eye for color and a taste for the surreal. In the second and final part of pastelheart’s mini-documentary, we follow the 24-year-old through the course of a day in his not-so-ordinary life. Whether he’s hitting up the art store for supplies, location scouting on his Vespa, or ankle-deep in mud on a riverbank, pastelheart lives the only way he knows how — his way. Watch the full clip above; its woozy soundtrack comes courtesy of Johannesburg electronic duo Dirty Paraffin. Revisit our featured interview with pastelheart, in which he discusses partying, fashion, and what it’s like to be young in South Africa, and keep tabs on all of the Obey You Collective: South Africa coverage over at Later this week, we’ll meet the dudes at the forefront of Cape Town’s internationally recognized stance car scene.

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