Video: Tarryn Alberts’ World

A few weeks ago, we shared an interview with Tarryn Alberts, a hyper-motivated street dancer from Eldorado Park, Johannesburg who has performed alongside artists like Die Antwoord and Kendrick Lamar. Today, we’ll spend some more time inside her dance-centric world with the first chapter of a two-part documentary, presented by Sprite and the FADER and featuring the song “Love Yourself” by DeepSoul Music. Whether Tarryn is rehearsing in the studio with her V.I.N.T.A.G.E. cru, waacking and krumping onstage in downtown Jo’burg, or free-styling on an abandoned rooftop at sundown, she is never not dancing. “It has taught me to love myself,” the 23-year-old says proudly in the clip while wearing a green-brimmed snapback. “If you don’t love yourself, who’s going to love you?” Come back tomorrow to see Tarryn’s original performance video, and for more on South Africa‚Äôs exciting street culture, check out all of the Obey You Collective: South Africa coverage right here.

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