Video: Connan Mockasin, “Do I Make You Feel Shy?”

Watch a karaoke-themed video for “Do I Make You Feel Shy?,” a track from Connan Mockasin’s Caramel LP.

April 02, 2014


Somehow, this Isaac Eastgate-directed clip for "Do I Make You Feel Shy" feels less like a music video than a musical sequence within some larger biopic on Connan Mockasin's magical and twinkly-eyed life. The first minute and a half is music-free, with Mockasin smoking a cig outside a seedy Manchester karaoke club called Charlie's as a pair of flirty ladies try to lure him into singing a song. There's a slowness and naturalism to the action that feels really '70s cinema for some reason, and when Mockasin finally relents and comes inside, he's singing along to what looks like an actual music video for the song "Do I Make You Feel Shy?," with Mockasin lounging languorously on some distant, sunny meadow as he assures ladies across the world that he'll be the boy of your dreams.

Like much of Connan's music, it feels like a spoof on the sort of unblushing playboy archetype epitomized by artists like Serge Gainsbourg and satirized by the mythical pop star Rex Manning in the movie Empire Records. At the same time, it kind of makes you wonder what it would be like to take a leap of faith and run away with Mockasin and his band on some kind of prolonged, jet-setting vacation—or at least to inject a little more fantasy into your humdrum day-to-day. Grab a copy of Caramel from Mexican Summer, and head over here to watch Mockasin perform "I'm the Man that Will Find You" live at this year's FADER FORT Presented by Converse.

Video: Connan Mockasin, “Do I Make You Feel Shy?”