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Stream Deadboy’s Return EP

The Numbers producer, who was recently tipped by Drake, returns with a body-focused new record.

April 24, 2014


On the Sunday of SXSW 2011, I found myself at a house on the outskirts of Austin that had a porch the size of a small boat. On decks set up in the garden London producer Deadboy resurrected a handful of festival stragglers, sending them dancing into the balmy night. Making sounds that make sense to the body is just what Deadboy does. His new EP Return, due on UK label Numbers on April 28th (stream in full below and grip it here), finds him testing the extremities of his sound: from the synth wash slow-dance of "Return" to the steppy boom of "YHVH" that goes straight for the shoulders. In other news, word of his 2010 remix of Drake must've finally found his way to the man himself: "Deadboy is ill," Drake apparently said in a radio interview, which has a bit of a Monty Python flavor to it if you really think about it.

Stream Deadboy’s Return EP