Listen to “First Love,” Visionist’s Ode to Grime

Listen to “First Love,” a track from Visionist’s forthcoming I’m Fine, Pt. 2 EP.

Photographer Mikael Gregorsky
May 01, 2014


On May 13th, Lit City Trax will release I'm Fine, Part 2, the six-track follow-up to Visionist's 2013 EP by the same name. Together, the releases are meant to explore the six-stages of grief, but where I'm Fine seemed to zero in on the grief, denial, bargaining, anger, and depression components of loss, Part 2 seems more geared toward the resolution stage of the process, where inklings of acceptance and peace finally begin to make their way in to the haywire emotional mix. There's certainly a bittersweet cast to "First Love," which lays some cold-yet-warm, cut-up vocals over the some most pointedly dance-able beatwork (and bass lines) he's offered thus far. Louis Carnell is describing as a direct ode to the grime of his youth; as for the title, I wonder if it's meant as a love letter to a person that he lost, or to the musical language he's been using to remember.

Stream: Visionist, "First Love"

Listen to “First Love,” Visionist’s Ode to Grime