Climb Inside the Ominous World of M.E.S.H. on New Release “Scythians”

mesh-bluecast by Natascha Goldenberg


Berlin-based producer M.E.S.H., an expat US artist who runs in the same circles as FADER favorite Lotic, handles texture with a precise yet curiously tender touch. On “Scythians”, the title track from his new EP due out on PAN this June 5th, he conjures up an ominous scene: a drainage system appears to burp and splutter as a pretty yet plaintive melody drifts in from an unseen source. Then the sound of blades being sharpened rings out and the stage is set for the chaos that ensues. Off-setting that, a robotized female voice periodically utters a phase that sounds like light up with the hint of a smile. M.E.S.H. popped up in Adam Harper’s new column last week about a new strain of music called epic collage that brings together pop samples, wild textures and violent sound effects; “Scythians” is definitely of that ilk and is M.E.S.H.’s most intriguing work to date.

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