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GEN F: Lotic Makes Club Music as Thrilling as Slasher Porn

“I want to make people mad, I want to get people horny.” From the magazine: ISSUE 92, June/July 2014 Berlin-based producer Lotic manipulates his music like a movie director does a thriller. On his 2014 … read more »

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Stream: Lotic, “It Will Never Be The Same”

Berlin-based Lotic is a producer with lots of feelings—he tweeted that his new Ellie Goulding rework is a sad remix of an already sad song, like sadness multiplied by itself. But if anything, he’s straining … read more »

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Download Lotic’s Damsel in Distress Janus Mix

A certain kind of New York person (aka me) sits at their desk and daydreams about being at the Janus party in Berlin at 5AM, a club gig run by American ex-pats that seems like … read more »

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Download Lotic’s Radio Peligrosa Mix

Houston-born, Berlin-based Lotic is a producer you can now rely on to go hard—his “rage and fury”-inspired mixtape for us back in October was unrelenting in it’s genre clashing, sounds smashing into each other like … read more »

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FADER Mix: Lotic

Lotic is J’Kerian Morgan, a young producer raised in Houston and based in Berlin, and the music he makes feels influenced by both cities: a bit of blunt Texas blast mixed in with heavy dance … read more »

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