Shura's Second Single,"Just Once," Is Undeniable

Hear the London singer and producer's crisply-sung new song.

In a press release, London singer/prodcuer Shura described her new song as a sort-of prequel to "Touch," her familliar-feeling debut pop song that we posted back in February (there was a solid Delorean remix of it floating around, too). If you get my name wrong I won't get pissed off cause I wish I was somebody else, she sings crisply on the hook, which is pretty undeniable, both in sound and sentiment. It's like a Sky Ferreira song in that way, like, it's a colossal bummer and your new favorite party track at the same time. As of now, Shura's still unsigned—though I can't imagine that will be the case for much longer. Hell, it might have happened while I was writing this post.

Stream: Shura, "Just Once"

Shura's Second Single,"Just Once," Is Undeniable