Kate Bush Goes “Cloudbusting” For the First Time in Three Decades

The English singer-songwriter’s return to the stage seems pretty special.

August 27, 2014

Last night, iconic English singer-songwriter Kate Bush returned to the stage for the first time since 1979. That appearance marked the start of a concert series she's calling "Before the Dawn," a 22-night residency at London's Hammersmith Apollo—and even from shaky fan-shot footage it looks to be every bit as life-affirming as you might expect the momentous reemergence of a bonafide legend to be.

The intervening 35 years have spawned a whole host of wildly diverse artists that worship the synth-pop forerunner's theatrical compositions including recent and past FADER cover stars KindnessSolange, and Big Boi (who recently spouted his love in a BBC documentary). Unfortunately, her return is so far set to only take place in London. With tickets to the sold-out shows going for more than £1,000 outside the venue, and with photography and video respectfully banned, it's going to be pretty tricky to get a peek at the live shows.

Thankfully, at least a couple of people in attendance at the first show ignored the ban and posted brief clips of her 50 Words for Snow song "Among Angels" and the show-closing "Cloudbusting." You can catch the latter above and the former below and wish that you too were in a distant balcony in a huge venue watching one of the last century's most influential pop star play her first show in ages.

Posted: August 27, 2014
Kate Bush Goes “Cloudbusting” For the First Time in Three Decades