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Big Boi Finally Got to Talk to Kate Bush

Big Boi has a storied, deep love for Kate Bush; he’s got a Bush ringtone and often mentions that she and Bob Marley are his all-time favorite artists. After many years of trying to get … read more »

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Kate Bush, Pet Shop Boys, Spice Girls at Olympics Closing Ceremony

The summer Olympics concluded last night in London, with a music and fashion-themed Closing Ceremony. The show, performed on a stage made up of catwalks arranged in the shape of a Union Jack, featured Pet … read more »

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Video: Kate Bush, “Misty”

When I imagine Kate Bush at home, I imagine her reading Grimms’ Fairy Tales and choreographing elaborate modern dance interpretations to the stories while she sings in her wily croon. Her new claymation video for … read more »

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By the Numbers: Kate Bush’s Directors Cut

In By the Numbers, FADER looks at a big record release and breaks it down in with basic digits in primary colors. This week, we look at Kate Bush’s semi-greatest hits collection, Directors Cut, out … read more »


Stream: Kate Bush’s Album Director’s Cut

Kate Bush could’ve called her new album Editor’s Cut, since it’s essentially a re-imagining of 11 classics off her albums The Sensual World (1989) and The Red Shoes (1993). She’s re-named some of the songs … read more »

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Railcars, “Cloudbusting (Kate Bush Cover)” MP3

Remember in 2008 when Utah Saints remade “Something Good,” their 16-year old proto-jock jam that sampled Kate Bush‘s “Cloudbusting?” Their take was weirdly Dutch-housey and they re-recorded Kate’s vocals, Hit Records sound-alike style. This Railcars … read more »

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The Very Best’s Super Mom Mixtape

Not sure if anyone talked about it on the internet at all, but yesterday was Mother’s Day, also known as “the best possible day to mention how much you appreciate your mom on Twitter.” So … read more »

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Video: Kate Bush, “Deeper Understanding”

Kate Bush’s new video for “Deeper Understanding” is deeply confusing. Doesn’t this look like something from As Seen On TV? or a Brookstone infomercial? Behold! The “Deeper Understanding” sonic massage system. Seriously, Kate, stick to … read more »

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Kate Bush Auto-Tunes Herself

The heavenly, legendary Kate Bush, who has not released an album since 2005′s Aerial, will soon release the aptly titled Director’s Cut, her own surgical take on both two previous albums, The Red Shoes and … read more »

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Nada Surf Recorded a Covers Album?

Yes, yes they did. In fact, If I Had a Hi-Fi dropped two months ago and was on sale even earlier than that, exclusively on their recent Spring tour should you care to know. They … read more »

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