In Other News: David Lynch, Angel Olsen, and a Five-and-a-Half-Hour Version of Nymphomaniac

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September 16, 2014

Angel Olsen Is Releasing a Deluxe Edition of Burn Your Fire for No Witness 

The unearthly folk singer, who we profiled in a GEN F earlier this year, is releasing a deluxe edition of her excellent recent LP on November 18th. Pitchfork has more details along with some tour dates. That's a new, self-directed, time lapse-y video for album cut "High & Wild" embedded above. 

Criterion Unearthed a Great David Lynch Interview from the 1990s

Criterion is releasing a new, director-approved special edition of David Lynch's 1977 surrealist horror flick, Eraserhead. In honor of that, they unearthed a great, sprawling interview with the director and musician from Chris Rodley's 1997 book, Lynch on Lynch. Their conversation is fundamentally about Eraserhead, but it's also about much more than that. Read the whole thing right here. 

Read Perfect Pussy's Meredith Graves Essay About Gender Stereotypes & Identity in Music

This was technically yesterday's news, but we actually didn't get a chance to read the punk singer's essay until late last night. It was originally read by Graves at Basilica Soundscape in Hudson over the weekend to much fanfare; in his review of the unconventional festival for Times, Ben Ratliff called her essay "a mixture of punk-band tour diary and rigorous cultural criticism." Worth a read, for sure. 

A Five-and-a-Half-Hour Director's Cut of Nymphomaniac Is Coming

The extended and "hardcore" version of Lars von Trier's erotically-charged opus will hit theaters and VOD on October 2nd, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In case you missed 'em, the original theatrical cuts of Vol.1 and Vol. 2 are on Netflix now.

And, Finally...

Gawker ranked all 72 "proper" Kanye songs. Not sure if it needed to happen, but it did.

In Other News: David Lynch, Angel Olsen, and a Five-and-a-Half-Hour Version of Nymphomaniac