Clare Maguire Storms Back With “Don’t Mess Me Around”

​The title track to her new EP is a tough, bluesy stomper.

February 25, 2015

Clare Maguire, the British singer/songwriter with a penchant for old-timey American sounds, has at last followed up the remarkable string of hushed covers and downtrodden originals that won me over in 2013 with an official EP, called Don't Mess Me Around. The project draws far more heavily on fierce blues than the melancholy ballads of her earlier work. Time between releases has not, in this case, healed on wounds; as the EP's title suggests, she sounds pretty riled up.

Over email, Maguire said the title track, "Don't Mess Me Around," was the first song she'd written, with Sam Dixon, when she moved to London a few years ago. "I revisited the song recently and automatically knew it was the song I wanted to lead with on my new EP," she wrote. Today, The FADER premieres the song's sparkling music video, directed by James Willis.

The EP is out now in the UK and available in North America on March 3rd.

Clare Maguire Storms Back With “Don’t Mess Me Around”