Hear Three New Hodgy Beats Songs

Two produced by Left Brain.

May 30, 2015
Hear Three New Hodgy Beats Songs Simone Joyner / Getty Images

Hodgy Beats dropped his latest project Dena Tape 2 in February. Now there's a Soundcloud account for his "rough drafts n ideas." Three new scribbles were posted last night, and they're all different. Hodgy goes Auto-Tune on "Choppedd" as he retraces a past relationship over syrupy, James Blake-inflected production from "LB" (Left Brain, probably). MellowHype's old producer gets grittier on "THANKKSGIVING," all fried beats and cursed chorals as Hodgy unleashes on Twitter trolls and the general competition (he also raps "This Golf Wang, bitch," so everyone calm down). My personal favourite is "NOHOOK," a borderline gospel cut produced by HBK co-founder P-Lo. Pure motivational good morning music.

Hear Three New Hodgy Beats Songs