Tinashe Explains How To Sweat Without Losing Your Cool

“Think, ‘I’m fucking fabulous right now!’ Sparkling!”

Illustration Kyle Platts
June 09, 2015
Tinashe Explains How To Sweat Without Losing Your Cool

From The FADER's Guide To Summer


Tinashe: You just have to embrace sweat. It can make you feel like even more of a rockstar, or more of a hard worker. You just have to shift your perspective on it. Don’t think, “I’m gross.” Think, “I’m fucking fabulous right now.” Sparkling!

When it’s super hot out, it’s all about the face and hair. I’ll pull my hair back and wear it super sleek so that the roots don’t get frizzy and my neck is bare. And I’ll wear it curlier, as opposed to blown out. My hair is going to start curling up when I sweat, so I just embrace the curls. I go a little more natural with the makeup. You want to feel the sun; you don’t want to feel all caked up in contour and blush. You can ease it off and show your freckles and skin.

When you’re in the sun in these festival-type environments, it’s really important to stay as cool as possible so you don’t pass out or anything. Wear less clothes. Super, super, super hydrate. Especially if you’ve been drinking, it’s important to double up on water.

Because I have such high-energy performances, I’m always going to sweat onstage. Offstage, I look forward to throwing on something that you don’t have to think too much about. I love a good sundress. It’s one piece, it’s comfy, and it’s cool. Wear tennis shoes, something you can run around and have fun in. Summer is all about being relaxed.

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The FADER's Guide To Summer
Tinashe Explains How To Sweat Without Losing Your Cool