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Watch TM88 And MDMA Swang’s “Thunder” Video

Get it out the mud like a otter.

June 25, 2015

Producer TM88 has a knack for "banging trashcans together and making angels come out that motherfucker," as he perfectly phrased it in a recent Beat Construction interview. "Thunder" bangs just as loudly, and for the video Swang sludges through the muddy beat in an empty warehouse. He broke down some of the meaning behind the song to FADER: "I created 'Thunder' because it's really how I feel/felt. If you listen to the hook it starts off as, heard that they say that a nigga ain't shit. I was really hearing that from people, but at the same time I was really working all day and staying up all night in the studio. You can ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that's a true story. 'Thunder' was really a therapeutic song for me, it just turned out to go crazy too! It's one of the realest songs I've ever done." Look out for projects from Swang's MDMA crew and TM88 coming this year.

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Watch TM88 And MDMA Swang’s “Thunder” Video